2 thoughts on “Notebook

  1. Even if the stimulus worked, about which we could argue forever, are the marginal (at best) improvements worth ratcheting up national indebtedness to a level greater than those of the previous 43 administrations combined–a level now impossible ever to pay off? Worth scaring off the Democratic-controlled Senate from even trying to draft a budget for more than a year now? Worth making the American citizenry (and, in too many cases, non-citizenry) dependent on government to the point where more than half the population now receives federal money, and about half the adult population pays no federal income taxes?

    Any private citizens or businesses trying to do what the federal government allows itself routinely to do would be facing either arrest or bankruptcy, or both. And their checks would come back from the bank marked NSF.

    Having said that, nice to have you back, David!

    • Dave, Those are all fair questions. The point is, those are the questions that we should be talking about. Just dismissing the stimulus out of hand, as the Republican Party is doing, doesn’t get us to those important questions.

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