Electric City fizzle

Electric City Weblog has a characteristically weak take down of an AP story detailing allegations Corey Stapleton made that Rick Hall received favorable lease treatment. Gregg Smith is right in knowing that any evidence of actual wrongdoing is mighty slim. He goes astray when he says this:

But the AP, though, showed its hand.  We’ll have to wonder how many stories the AP would run as fact in the general election if Rick Hill were to allege that he “believes” something about the Democrat candidate.

We’ll have to wonder, of course, because the AP would never run such a story. What a weak-assed, transparent smear.

Actually, it’s inconceivable to me that AP would NOT do a story if similar allegations were made against a Democrat in the general election. Of course AP would do a story. That’s what AP does. The fact that the story doesn’t amount to much is not, so far as I can tell, AP’s fault. It’s Stapleton’s fault for pushing a weak allegation. But AP had to write about it.

2 thoughts on “Electric City fizzle

  1. AP is a legend, in it’s own collective mind, yours as well? The filters are still there. You’re a good writer and a thoughtful man but you never talk about news filters. Wanna take a shot?

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