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While I was sick, my temperature hit 104 a few times, which my daughter says is high enough to cause brain damage. So I approached Thursday deliveries as something of a science experiment. I figured if I found myself agreeing with Sean Hannity, I would know that I had baked my brain.

Fortunately, Hannity was as wacky as ever. His theme of the day was that Obama is a whiner who constantly blames others, especially George W. Bush, for economic weakness in his own administration. Glenn Beck pounded the same argument, and Huckabee was on the case this morning, another example of the amazing fidelity with which talk yakkers adhere to the Theme of the Day.

Hannity’s take was especially interesting, considering that every time a caller tried to defend Obama’s record, Hannity would ask, “Are we better off than we were four years ago? Are we better off than we were $5 trillion worth of Obama debt ago?”

Well, it’s impossible to answer that question without considering, you know, where we were four years ago. But if you talk about that you are whining. And how can an honest broker like Hannity expect to talk sense into someone who just whines out Democratic talking points?

Mike Huckabee’s continued descent into uselessness continued with his discussion of a Wall Street Journal article that argued Obama’s policies are to blame for the continued weakness of the recovery. OK. I’ve heard a lot of complaints that Obama’s policies are to blame for weak job growth, but very little in terms of specifics. There is a fair amount of evidence that Obama’s biggest policy initiatives — second round of TARP, stimulus bill, auto bailout — actually did work. Obama’s jobs package hasn’t worked, arguably because Congress hasn’t passed it — and job growth has correspondingly slowed.

So what policies exactly are we talking about? Not clear, at least not from Huckabee’s summary of the article. He described in some detail how weak the recovery has been, which we already knew. But his critique of Obama’s policies boiled down, according to Huckabee, essentially this: We have to get our fiscal house in order.

Not clear to me whether he meant by this that Obama has a deliberate policy of NOT getting our fiscal house in order. Failing that, it’s pretty hard to guess what he meant. And Huckabee was no help.

One thought on “Talk radio update

  1. I can listen to Hannity until he starts repeating himself, then I’ll tune him out.

    I’m no fiscal genius, but I can easily write 500 words on how Obamas policies have failed.

    The stimulus failed in lots of ways. It turned out, there were no (as in none) shovel ready jobs. Obama said that if the stimulus wasn’t pushed through that unemployment would go over 8% –

    The verdict isn’t in on the US buying General Motors, but thus far it isn’t looking good. We still own 26% of GM shares, and to get our money back we would have to be able to sell them for $53.00 per share. As of this minute it’s selling for $21.50. And if the Government decided to sell it’s shares, that action would likely drop the price of the stock to less than half that.

    I’ve got more problems with it than just throwing money away at it.

    First, where did Obama get Constitutional authority to buy a car company, screw over the bondholders, appoint un-confirmed political appointees to run it, and then compete against private sector companies, like Ford & Toyota for years thereafter ?

    Then, as part of re-structuring, close up the dealerships that were owned by GOP contributors.

    Then force GM to build cars nobody wants, like the Chevy Volt, just so Obama can look ‘green’ enough to the enviro’s –

    The list goes on –

    Glad you’re feeling better.

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