Talk radio update

The Fourth of July is supposed to be a celebration of America becoming America: a brash and rowdy festival marking all that binds us to one another as a people.

I didn’t listen to any talk radio on July 4, but I caught the full load when I delivered papers on July 5. Not much celebration going on there.

Mike Huckabee denounced as immoral those Americans who believe that gays should be allowed to marry. Walt Williams, subbing for Limbaugh, seemed to denounce taxation itself as immoral. Michael Savage was busy denouncing that socialist Obama. The Glenn Beck clone was attacking Chris Rock and others who pointed out that not all Americans acquired independence on Independence Day.

The clone kept arguing that he is a transethnic person trapped in a white person’s body. Don’t know what that means; I guess he thought it was funny. I especially don’t know why it bugged him that people should point out something that is obviously true: Independence did not free the slaves. I guess maybe he just thought it was churlish to express such a snide thought on such a celebratory day.

Which is exactly what I thought of his program –and Huckabee’s, and Limbaugh’s and Savage’s. No America hating on NPR, of course, nor on Smerconish’s show — disagreeing with conventional conservative wisdom doesn’t make you less of an American on those shows. Or surprisingly, on Hannity’s show, where J.C. Watts was sitting in. I didn’t listen to much of him, so I can’t be sure he didn’t trash any fellow Americans. But he doesn’t seem to have the mean gene in him.

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