Pogreba vs. Budge

Mitt Romney was just in Montana at a fund-raiser that was totally open to every Montanan willing to make a campaign donation of at least $2,500. It was a mockable event, and Don Pogreba wrote an entertaining post mocking it.

Enter Dave Budge, who in comments calls the post “the most superficial thing you’ve ever written.” Setting aside the obvious rejoinder that as far as superficiality goes, this is blogging we’re talking about, what was Budge’s point? That Pogreba had failed to point out that a certain Democrat in the presidential race also has held fund-raisers.

I’m sure there are some Americans who don’t know that Obama has held fund-raisers, but most of them were born last night and won’t be eligible to vote in November. So exactly what crime is Pogreba committing by failing to mention that mundane fact?

By parsing the comments, I eventually gathered that Budge objects to pointing out venality in one political candidate without also mentioning that it exists in other candidates. Yet just this week Budge criticizes Obama for lying without mentioning that Romney also has been known to lie.

Hypocrisy? Surely not. As Budge writes in Pogreba’s comments, “we can’t seem to have a rational debate with any brains involved. Everyone seems to be little more than political flaks [sic]. It’s just tiring.”

So, so tired.

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