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Mark Tokarski reads the Outpost.

Worth mentioning, perhaps, that I was one of the faithful few who sat through the entire 22-6 Mustangs win on Friday over the Orem Owlz, including all three-plus hours of the game and the 71-minute rain delay.

It may have been the craziest game I have ever seen. The Mustangs’ 11-run rally in the eighth was the most notable event, but there also was a terrific play at the plate on a brilliant throw by Beau Amaral from center field. And there was what I believe was the worst call I have ever seen by an umpire.

I say that as a former umpire (softball, high school and even a couple of college games) who never boos umpires and generally sides with them. But the home plate ump called a ball a home run that was at least eight feet foul. Not even close.

The most remarkable thing was that high-tempered Mustangs Manager Pat Kelly kept his cool and didn’t even get tossed out of the game. Instead, first baseman Carlos Sanchez got tossed, and he was replaced by Robert Maddox, who responded by going 4 for 4.

The Gazette story (sorry, hoarding links) necessarily left out lots of good stuff but did a creditable job of reporting the game despite deadline pressure — the game lasted almost until midnight. My only quarrel was with the characterization of the ump’s call as “controversial.” I’m pretty sure the ump was the only person in the ballpark who thought that ball was a home run. Seems like there should be at least two sides in reasonable numbers to have a controversy.

Saturday night’s game, by the way, was a taut, well played affair that could have been over in two hours if the Mustangs’ pitching hadn’t folded in the late innings. That’s baseball for you.

2 thoughts on “Coffee time

  1. I do understand a few things – one, that baseball is a sport with no time clock and in which a player with the Atlanta Braves was immediately removed from a game and then later traded after he tried to interfere with a first baseman catching a ball on a close play. The game has not only rules, but decorum. I also understand that small town baseball is better than big town. We went to a Rockies game on Saturday – it was a light show complete with big signs telling the crowd what to do. That’s crass.

    You are really good on baseball. Clawson is really witty and doesn’t suffer fools and apparently did not die several years ago. .

    That’s why I like your paper.

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