4 thoughts on “Well said

  1. What exactly do you think the intent of that post was, David? Was it a comment on policy or politics? I know you think I’m a schmuck. But that shouldn’t require you to read into things that don’t exist. Check your dislike for me at the door.

  2. I have no idea what your intent was, Dave. All I know is what you posted. You passed along a link that took an Obama quote out of context, then juxtaposed it against comments by previous presidents. Obama has made comments quite similar to those of earlier presidents but neither you nor the link chose to mention that.

    If our goal is intelligent political discourse, which you and I both think is important, then that isn’t playing fair — something that you seem to think is important when others fail to do it. It would be stupid even if you were not a schmuck.

  3. The point was the same as the headline stated “This isn’t going away soon”. Which I think pretty clearly means the pronoun “this” refers to the political narrative of “you didn’t build that.”

    But being unclear is far from acting “stupid” – which you were quick to proclaim.

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