Stay alive at 55

One of the most annoying talking points to arise so far out of Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan is the idea that no one over 55 will be affected by changes to Medicare and therefore we shouldn’t worry our gray little heads about it.

I’m safely over 55, and I’m not worried about what the Ryan budget would do to me, but I am worried about what it would do to the country. The idea that once I’ve got mine I should ┬ájust say to heck with the rest of you might sound good to an Ayn Rand fan, but it doesn’t sound very American to me.

4 thoughts on “Stay alive at 55

  1. Are you worried about what unsustainable debt loads and entitlement programs will do to the country–and future generations? It doesn’t take an Ayn Rand devotee to see that the feds can’t keep kicking the can down the road forever.

  2. I do worry about that, but I’m not persuaded that the Ryan budget solves the problem. Even he acknowledges that it would take at least 20 years to balance the budget under his plan.
    In the short term, his budget could make deficits far worse because it slashes taxes first, then aims to offset the cuts by eliminating unspecified tax deductions. You and I both know that even if it were possible to make the ambitious cuts in deductions his plan would require, lobbyists on all sides would begin working the very next day to restore them.
    Does Ryan’s voting record indicate the courage to stand up against that sort of lobbying? It does not, unless Democrats are in charge. Ryan voted for the auto bailout, TARP, unfunded wars and an unfunded drug mandate — all of which helped put us in the mess we are in today.
    Finally, his plan for Medicare sounds an awful lot like Obamacare for old people. But it’s far riskier; does anyone really believe that there is some sort of huge untapped market out there for insurance companies eager to sell policies to old people? I doubt it.
    I just don’t believe there can be a solution to the long-term problems without doing something to raise revenues. Simpson-Bowles is the most realistic approach I have seen, but Ryan, of course, voted against that.

  3. Polish Wolf, Fair enough (if not exactly strictly true) and I supported both of those measures at the time, so I can’t complain about them, nor about the temporary jolt they gave to national debt. My point is, neither can Ryan.

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