Worst ever?

Remember that old saying: I was born in the morning, but not yesterday morning? When I read posts like this one at Rockin’ on the Right Side, I wonder just how late in the morning the writer was born.

Balek seems to have the idea that the Obama administration invented tax fraud (you have to read the comments to get the full flavor) and he writes here that not only do leftists rule the world (Karl Marx, you’ve been vindicated) but that “our government is more corrupt than ever” and that “racial and social divides continue to widen.”

When I read this kind of stuff I have to ask: Has this man ever read a book? Ever heard of Tammany Hall? The Duke of Duval? Patronage? Segregation? Slavery? Perhaps not.

Now, he writes that all our welfare problems would go away if neighbors just took care of neighbors the way they did, you know, in the old days. He’s probably right that people in rural communities like Roundup, where everybody knows everybody, will always turn out to help each other, but does he really think that will work in a city where people not only don’t feel any obligation to their neighbors, but likely don’t even know who their neighbors are and may well be afraid of them?

If he does think that, he does so out of willful ignorance.

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