A modest proposal

One feature of the 2012 election is that Republicans in many states have been passing laws to tighten voting requirements. Democrats claim that this is intended to depress voting by poor people and minorities, who are more likely to vote for Democrats. Republicans assure us that their only intention to combat the terrible scourge of voter fraud, which occurs at the astonishing rate of nearly a case a year.

Fortunately, Republicans can easily squelch the nasty claim that they are trying to keep eligible voters from casting ballots. They can launch a national get-the-vote-out campaign aimed at ensuring that every eligible voter has the necessary ID card, and the money to pay for it, and a way to get to the polls on election day.

Let’s face it: All those millions being spent on negative campaign ads just annoy voters after a while. Better to divert some of that money to making sure that everybody actually gets to vote, even if some people don’t vote the way Republicans would prefer.

Such a national effort would cut off Democratic critics at the knees. It would make for a stronger democracy. And it would still meet the goal of preventing voter fraud. Come on, Republicans, get on board.

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