Stein for president!

I’ve taken this survey a couple of times. I like it because it allows fairly nuanced answers to complex issues rather than simple up or down votes.

Both times the survey showed that Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, most closely matches my preferences. I think that’s because I think global warming is real, and I favor preservation of national parks.

Obama comes in second, followed by Rocky Anderson, a Justice Party candidate I have never heard of running for a party I have never heard of. Ron Paul runs fourth, no doubt because of my libertarian leanings on social issues and foreign policy.

The most interesting result is the Obama-Romney split: I favor Obama 86-3. Before you dismiss that as liberal robotics, consider this: According to the survey, my views are in line with 60 percent of Montana voters across a broad range of issues. And Montanans as a whole prefer Obama and Stein to Romney.

Yet no one thinks that Obama, much less Jill Stein, will win Montana’s electoral votes. Is this another case where voters plan to vote against their actual beliefs?

Or maybe the survey is biased in important ways that aren’t obvious. Interesting to play with though.

UPDATE: More here on how the survey was created.

One thought on “Stein for president!

  1. David, I had a similar result, with supposedly very red-state Louisiania voters agreeing with me on 60% of the issues addressed in that survey. I’ve come to think that a lot of people are just faithful to one party, no matter what they really believe on particular issues. They somehow convince themselves that their party reflects their beliefs, despite evidence to the contrary.

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