6 thoughts on “McGovern, R.I.P.

  1. Substitute “Barry Goldwater” for “George McGovern” and my first two sentences would be identical to yours. At least we both know what it’s like to feel like victims of the tyranny of the majority.

    • I hear ya, Dave. The Dems assassinate so many U.S. presidents. Oh wait, that was the Pubbies! With the creation of the CIA, the real criminal element was brought into the government, and hence, our first coup with the JFK murder. It’s been down hill ever since. The gave rise to the Bush crime family.

  2. “You’ll get the vote of every thinking man!”

    “Thank you,but I need a majority to win.”
    ~Adlai Stevenson

    (For some reason I was reminded of that quote)

  3. The assassin of JFK was an extreme leftist, not a rightie. The assassin of RFK was an enemy of Israel, a country backed much more strongly in this country by the right than by the left. I see you’re being your usual fact-filled, rational self, Larry.

  4. ” the trouble with LIBERALISM is it lacks the disipline to up hold the parameters which create AMERICANS.” You may wonder who said that ? I did. As we speak, we have minority diversive cultures dictating to the majority as to how they want AMERICA to change for them. Thanks to LIBERALISM, they are succeeding. You seem to wear your Liberal Badge rather arogantly, when infact some people view you with the same credance as an ATHIEST, MUSLIM, or other ANTI-AMERICAN cultures.You have just elected a President that has his personal records BLOCKED, Bailed out global investment enities, mandating insurance coverage, made special deals with other senators to get his”Obama-care” passed, lied as to the problems with the Lybia situation, lied as to the transparancy in government he promised to the people of AMERICA, this list keeps going on and on, and you all voted for him ! GOD help us.

    • “minority diversive cultures dictating to the majority as to how they want AMERICA to change for them.”

      Why couldn’t you get a majority of people to vote for your candidate, if the majority is in such grave danger?

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