Pants on fire

In a post bizarre even by his standards, Dave Budge wants somebody to call Obama a liar, then, in comments, says he isn’t calling Obama a liar. Then he says that Obama is a liar. Then he says that the example he cited in his post wasn’t a lie. Therapy could help!

The question really is not whether the Obama ad is a lie, it’s whether it’s a fair shot: I say: fair shot, although I don’t much care for the demagoguery either.

Here’s why it’s fair: Obviously, Romney is trying to be as ideologically supple here as possible. He says he would sign a federal bill outlawing all abortions if the national consensus favored such a bill. He doesn’t say how he would determine what constituted a consensus. In his full remarks, he seems to imply that passage of such a bill by Congress would indicate consensus. If the election goes his way, it’s a fair bet that Congress would pass such a bill. The House probably would pass it right now.

Would Romney sign that bill? Oh, yeah. Fair game? Oh, yeah.

3 thoughts on “Pants on fire

  1. If you have ever been a public person, being a private and relatively low-keyed one is a very pleasant change. I have learned to grumble to myself and let it go at that most of the time. Then again, when David Crisp doesn’t post on this blog for a couple weeks, I find myself missing him even though I disagree more often than not. The post below brought me briefly out from under the comfort of the rock. Thanks for wondering!

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