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  1. When I saw the title of your post, I figured you were commenting on what a status-quo election it was.

    On Monday, we had a Dem president, Dems ran the US Senate, the GOP ran the US House of Representatives, Montana had a Dem Governor, and the GOP ran the Montana legislature.

    Today, now that the ballots are finally counted, guess what, all those things are the same.

    All that changed was that we now have a GOP Attorney General, and the GOP has complete control of the PSC.

    I knew that there was a 50/50 chance that Obama could win re-election a month ago, even though I knew he would lose by double digits in Montana because he IS Santa Claus to those 47 percent – and people like Santa Claus better than they like Scrooge.

    So far, the stock market dropped 400 points after the election, I expect it to continue down more still, and just you wait and see what happens when the new taxes/regulations kick in next year – the 47 percent will be hating their financial life, like the rest of us.

    Actually, I had the good sense to pull my retirement OUT of the markets two weeks ago, and I’ll reinvest after it hits bottom – probably saved myself a loss of $5,000 bucks.

    When the 47 percent in Montana figure out next year that there will be no expansion of Medicaid in Montana, and no free Obamacare, and some of them are laid off, I wonder if Scrooge will look better to them.

  2. -”…because he IS Santa Claus to those 47 percent – and people like Santa Claus better than they like Scro-ge.”

    That’s exactly what Rush Limbaugh said almost verbatim.

    But anyway, I’ve been saying all year long that this election would be a replay of 2004 except the liberals and conservatives would be on the ‘other side.’ You have ‘flip-flopping’ MA guy who ‘takes 3 sides to each issue’ candidate in Kerry/Romney, running against a guy hated so much by detractors people foam at the mouth at the mere mention of the Obama/Bush name. (And perhaps ominously, both very vulnerable incumbents were called the ‘anti-Christ’ all the time. Hah)

    The lesson of that 2004 and this election was/is that foaming at the mouth and gnashing of teeth at the current President turns off many moderates who don’t want to be associated with such vile. In other words, mere hatred isn’t a good political strategy that garners you support from those annoying ‘undecided’ voters.

    There’s other factors, of course, minorities hardly feel welcome in the ‘new GOP,’ etc., but the replay of 2004 was uncanny with those rich guy MA flip-floppers who weren’t viewed by many moderates as very sincere.

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