Liars and racists

Over at Rockin’ on the Right Side, Tom Balek is a liar and a racist.

Pretty harsh, wouldn’t you say, without offering at least a shred of evidence? Yep, but Balek himself is perfectly happy to toss around those sorts of charges without any evidence at all.

In one recent post, Balek accused the Obama administration of lying repeatedly about Benghazi. I asked for evidence, and he provided a lame link to a Fox News story that, as far as I could tell, established no lies at all. He then asked me to drop the subject. I responded with this post:

I have still seen no evidence that the “attack was carefully planned and executed.” Everything I have seen indicates that Susan Rice was accurate in everything but one respect: She said that the attack apparently was in response to demonstrations going on in Cairo and elsewhere. That still appears to be true. Her only error was in suggesting the possibility that a demonstration also was going on in Benghazi at the time of the attack. That apparently was not true. But she made it very clear from the outset that the demonstration, if there was one, was hijacked by well armed militant groups that may have been affiliated with Al Qaeda or may have been Al Qaeda itself. The only information she withheld, understandably, was classified information about actual suspects.

Now, that’s how I understand it. If I’m wrong, please show me where. That Fox News story doesn’t make your case. And yes, I will go away now. Truth obviously is not a desired quality on this blog.

I’ve been a busy boy and haven’t followed this story perhaps as closely as I should. If my understanding is wrong, then I would welcome anybody who can set me straight.

Balek is far less open to evidence. He scrubbed my post, plus another one responding to his absurd claim that the New York Times is racist. The New York Freakin’ Times? And he scrubbed one responding to his implication that Hillary Clinton was lying about her medical condition. Balek not only isn’t interested in actual facts, he openly resists them.

His condition, unfortunately, is increasingly common in today’s bifurcated politics, particularly among those who traffic in the closed illusions of right-wing media. Any lie is forgiven, if it comes from our team; any slur is OK, if it targets the other.

So Balek is a liar and a racist, until he proves otherwise.

One thought on “Liars and racists

  1. I like how for “evidence” he posted a 17-minute rant by Glenn Beck. Good rule of thumb: the more infuriated Beck pretends to be, the less basis there is for his anger. We hardly needed any more proof that the outrage over Benghazi was fabricated, but the Beck video is still instructive.

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