No class

Over at Rockin’ on the Right Side, Tom Balek is not only a liar and a racist, he’s a coward, too.

Balek was among those taking cheap shots at Hillary Clinton for claiming that an injury kept her from testifying to Congress about Benghazi. Now that her hospital stay has made it patently clear that she was telling the absolute truth, you’d think people like Balek would apologize for taking cheap shots.

But no. Not only has he failed to say a word, he deleted my comment saying that I was awaiting his apology.

As it happens, MSNBC was discussing precisely this topic the other day, and one of the guests — I forget her name — said both parties take cheap shots such as the ones many on the right, including Charles Krauthammer and John Bolton, took at Clinton.

Salon’s Joan Walsh disagreed sharply. Who on the left with the prominence of Bolton or Krauthammer, she asked, has ever accused a top Republican of faking illness? The other guest said, lamely, that somebody once tweeted something about George W. Bush.

I think Walsh is right on the money on this. I can’t think of an example of this from the left, and if one did come up, I imagine the offender would be hounded until he or she apologized and/or was fired.

Why is this? I don’t think either party has any particular claim on good manners. I certainly haven’t seen it in my years of dealing with politicians in both parties. But I suspect that some on the right fall victim to that right-wing media trap where everybody on the left is a no-good crook and any tactics are fair game. When a clown like Balek gets his hands on red meat, he’s too weak to resist. And too much of a wimp to do the honorable thing and apologize for falling for it.

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