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Huckabee and Hannity both attacked Obama for having two few women in key advisory positions. It’s debatable whether this criticism is justified, but I happened to hear Crystal Ball make the same point on MSNBC, and she was fairly persuasive.

Of course, Crystal Ball, a liberal, would have been all over a Republican administration with the same defect. So for her to go after a Democrat on these grounds shows a certain amount of intellectual honesty and a nonpartisan commitment to larger principles.

What are the odds that either Huckabee or Hannity would have criticized a Republican administration for appointing too few women? I will let you know as soon as I get my new contract to play center field for the New York Yankees. I’m holding out for $125 million.

3 thoughts on “Talk radio update

  1. Now you have Curtis Granderson sweating his job security.

    You could also help the Yankees with THEIR diversity problem. Watch ‘em take the field, and you’ll see that they don’t have a single 60-something slow white guy.

  2. “non-partisan commitment to larger issues”? There is indeed commitment to “larger issues” that lies almost exclusively outside the parties, so I think that expression means something else. Translating from American journalese as best I am able, you mean “willing to criticize members of one’s own party.”

    While that sometimes indeed takes courage, you are blending two mostly unrelated concepts when you mention both “larger issues” and ” non-partisan” in one sentence. Parties are structural monoliths with no governing principles that absorb private bribes and in return funnel privilege and access to the commons to the oligarchy. American journalists exist to hide this basic fact of life.

    There is probably a logical fallacy involved in your thinking there, and I leave it to Kailey to explan it to you. That’s beyond me.

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