Banned for life

Apparently I have been banned altogether from Tom Balek’s Rockin’ on the Right Side. Responding to his recent post claiming that fans of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” are low-information voters, I noted that studies have shown that “Daily Show” fans are, in fact, relatively high-information voters. I even provided a link, which I won’t bother to reproduce here, making the case. Just to make things even easier for him, I also threw in a bit of snark, noting his reluctance to let facts get in the way of his opinions.

Out it all went: facts, links, snark and all. Maybe he doesn’t like me. Could it be because I called him a liar and a racist? But as I noted in that post, I applied exactly the same standard of evidence in making my claim that he applied in claiming that Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice are liars and that the New York Times is racist. In short, no standard at all.

I remain perfectly willing to either withdraw my claims or provide evidence for them as soon as he either withdraws his claims or provides evidence for them. Until then, I suppose, we remain in a standoff — one that you apparently will never read about on his site.

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