Over the line

If Montanafesto has this right, it should end Jennifer Olsen’s political activities in Montana.

Of course, at Rockin’ on the Right Side, this will be viewed as just another sign of liberal racism.

UPDATE: In response to a question from one of our freelancers, Jennifer Olsen says by email that this blog post “is absolutely not true.” More to follow.

11 thoughts on “Over the line

  1. What exactly does she claim is “absolutely not true”? That she posted a racist Obama “joke” that most people didn’t find funny? I can assure you that she did indeed post the “joke”. The photo used on montanafesto is the actual screenshot from her post. The screenshots of comments from other members of the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee are also posted in the comments on the Cowgirl Blog.

    • I’m not saying this is not true, but I have been unable to find a profile on Facebook with Jennifer Olsen’s name, located in Montana and with the profile picture indicated. I have also been unable to find the alleged photo in any profile belonging to the (common) name Rich Diamond. Can you point me to a URL for either one? If I can see Jennifer Olsen’s real timeline and this is real, the photo share should appear in her activity log. If I can see Rich Diamond’s real timeline, the share should appear under his posted photo.

  2. To quote more fully:

    “The blog posting this about me is all fabricated. This is not the first time they have made up stories about me as writer, nicole french, and I had a falling out a few years ago and since then she writes this nonsense.
    “Liberals always try to take our focus away from real issues by doing things like this. It is absolutely not true.”

  3. First of all, I’m not a liberal. If having a “falling out” means that her divisiveness derailed the progress and enthusiasm of an energized and productive organization, she is correct in her assessment. However, our “falling out” is not why I write about her. Montanafesto’s posts focus on hypocrisy and the exposure of corruption, divisiveness, and bigotry. Unfortunately for Olsen, her behavior inspired a few posts. Jennifer Olsen either posted a racist joke or she didn’t. Period. Perhaps her account was hacked. Two other board members commented on the link I posted on the Yellowstone County Republicans page- they both made accusations against me and denied that the post was racist. The screenshot was not fabricated and neither were my words. I don’t derive personal pleasure from exposing this sort of ugliness. It is embarrassing that we are still rooting out racism in 2013. I stand by my words.

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  6. At the top of this blog is a quote: “Our aim, to swat liars and leeches, hypocrites & humbugs, demagogs & dastards”. If this is so, then could you conduct a little due diligence and get a good close up of the post that’s flying all over the interntet out there? It seems a little odd to me that when you zoom in really close you can see the pixels above Ms. Olsen’s name are cleared and do not resemble the pixels above the other words in that photo. Her name is also a completly differnt color than the other words, if you invert the colors. I’m no expert, but it seems the least you could do before you repeat something is to do a little research first. If this photo has been doctored then the liar you should swat is the original poster of this story.

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  8. (right-)clicking the tiny globe icon next to “2 minutes ago via mobile” should provide the user with a URL to share a link to that particular post.

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