Local Republicans are continuing their investigation into allegations that Chairman Jennifer Olsen posted a racist joke on her Facebook page, I suppose, but we already know enough to be assured that she won’t escape without some culpability. Here are the possibilities, as  I see them, in ascending order of culpability.

1. She didn’t post the joke but handled the accusation badly. Forgivable. A teachable moment, perhaps.

2. She posted the joke but deleted it as soon as she came to her senses. Forgivable, I suppose, but it would still leave one to wonder what sort of things go through her head. We all do stupid things, but if she can’t come up with a better explanation and apology than she has managed so far, then she ought to resign.

3. She posted the joke and then lied about it. Pretty hard to forgive. All politicians lie, the saying goes, but this is really pushing it. She should resign.

4. She posted the joke and then lied about it by alleging that someone else posted it. Absolutely unforgivable. She’s done as a political figure, or ought to be.

Which possibility is correct? Perhaps time will tell; it had better.

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