Talk radio update II

OK, one more post, and then I really will go and do the right thing and get drunk.

Hannity had on a guy from the Huffington Post and a guy from — apparently Hannity’s idea of an ideological cage match. They were talking about Hugo Chavez, and the guy was saying that leftists always support dictators. Look at Stalin, he said. Look at Hitler, he said.

When the Huffington Post guy objected to placing Hitler among the left’s heroes, the said something like this: “What do you mean? Hitler had ‘socialist’ right in the name of the party.”

Hitler, of course, was a fascist. That’s not even a slur: He was proud of it. He hated the left. He banned the Communist Party and went after communists even before he went after Jews in a serious way. He invaded the Soviet Union, which was, and remained, the poster child of a Marxist paradise. He vowed to eradicate Marxism from the face of the earth.

And yes, it’s true, the Nazi Party was the National Socialist Party. It’s also true that German soldiers wore the words “God with us” on their belt buckles. And it’s true that some concentration camps had the words “Work makes one free” above their entrances. Are there any other Nazi slogans that would like us to accept at face value?

For a definitive takedown on, see here.

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