Talk radio update

Hannity was mad at Obama for canceling White House tours, which apparently cost the Secret Service some $73,000 a week. Hannity’s theory is that Obama is just trying to make budget cuts as visibly painful as possible, which may be true. But if I were in charge of the Secret Service and required to make an across-the-board cut, going after frivolous luxuries like White House tours is exactly where I would start.

It makes me wonder if Hannity doesn’t have the stomach for the cuts he claims to favor. Or perhaps his criticism was just part of the master plan: force Obama to make cuts, then attack every cut he makes. Sounds like Hannity, doesn’t it?

In other news, Michael Smerconish mentioned that he is moving to satellite radio. Apparently, the market for rational talk is too small on commercial radio. Will he be replaced by another fair-minded voice? What are the odds?

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