Talk radio update

I girded myself for another long day of scandal mongering, but I was a tad surprised. Everybody took on the IRS official who pleaded the Fifth — fair enough. That may have been good legal strategy, but it was lousy politics. Otherwise, the obsession wasn’t as great as I had expected.

Limbaugh went off for a while on, of all things, the hook-up culture. Wishful thinking, perhaps? The Huckabee clone was attacking the new immigration bill. Sounds as if immigration will be a right-wing target again.

Only Hannity stuck strictly to script — all scandal, all of the time. He even criticized Obama for giving a speech on defense strategy instead of staying hunkered up in the White Office, chasing down scandals. Of course, if Obama had stayed hunkered in the Oval Office, Hannity would have criticized that, too. There’s no winning play for Obama with Hannity.

Hannity’s single-mindedness is quite remarkable. I suppose he would call it persistence, but I suspect it is just that his brain is too small to recognize the boundaries of the matchbox it is rolling around in.

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