Outta sight

In case anyone has been wondering where I have been, the answer is: Texas. A niece got married last weekend, and we made a short family vacation out of it. We saw a great exhibit on ancient Egypt at a Houston museum, visited relatives, rode the Galveston ferry (still the best travel bargain in America), took in a Texas Rangers game, and made a quick tour of my old editing haunts in Bryan-College Station and Palestine. We also ate Mexican food, peanut patties, Cajun food and barbecue until it came out our ears, then sweated it all out.

So how did the paper get out? Easy! My daughter pointed us to a free program that allows you to work on your home computer from any location. So I wrote book reviews in Houston and College Station and put the paper out from my brother-in-law’s house in Tyler. Pretty slick.

The only drag was that my return flight left Denver about the same time it was supposed to arrive in Billings. The flight over the Pryors also was just about the most turbulent airplane ride I have ever made. I kept thinking of the Bob Dylan line: “on a plane ride so bumpy that I almost cried.” But I didn’t cry, and I had it good. A flight that was supposed to leave for Louisville at 9:15 a.m. Thursday didn’t take off until after 4 p.m., apparently because somebody forgot to schedule a crew. All dressed up and no way to fly.

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