Talk radio update II

Hypocrisy is an abundant commodity, so it’s not surprising that it turns up on talk radio. But the sheer audacity of it can at times be breath taking.

This week, radio talkers sounded as confused about Egypt as I am. On the one hand, nobody likes the Muslim Brotherhood, so it’s good to see that go. On the other hand, military coups don’t have a sterling record of success either. On the third hand, it’s nice to see hundreds of thousands speak out for what sounds something like liberal democracy. On the fourth hand, what are the odds of that actually coming about?

But if the talkers weren’t sure what to do about Egypt, they were sure of one thing: Whatever it was, Obama wasn’t doing it. Dumping on Obama is a Get Out of Jail Free card on every issue: Just blame him and you are home free.

A more stunning example was the discussion by the Hannity clone (today’s version: Rose Tennent) with Monica Crowley of the Trayvon Martin case. Both agreed that the media had rushed to judgment and found George Zimmerman guilty before the trial even began. But they ignored the rush to judgment made by the actual host of the very show they were on.

True, Trayvon Martin is not on trial here. But when two guys get into a fight on a dark night on a public sidewalk and one winds up dead, it’s pretty certain that somebody committed a crime. And if Zimmerman didn’t, then Martin almost surely must have.

He now lies beyond earthly concerns, but his legacy and his family still count. If you are going to insist that Zimmerman receive a fair trial and unbiased news coverage, then certainly Martin deserves the same.

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