Talk radio update

Oh, to heck with the whole bunch of ‘em. My schedule was a little off all day, so I missed a fair chunk of talk radio, and Limbaugh and Huckabee have gotten to the point that they whimper so much about how awful it is to be an American in the 21st century that I find it hard to take them seriously enough even to disagree with them. And Hannity just goes on and on about what a great American George Zimmerman is and what a sneaky attack Trayvon Martin launched against him. Oh, bother.

Fortunately, Joe Sample was playing a solid hour of Louis Armstrong. So beautiful. If listening to Louis Armstrong doesn’t make you feel better about being alive on this planet, then maybe you are on the wrong planet.

Joe also had a quote from Armstrong I don’t remember hearing before. When he was a kid, Louis delivered coal to houses in a cart pulled by a mule, the inspiration for this song. One day after he unhitched the mule, he said, he rode it home backward “because I’d lost a dime in his oats.”

Limbaugh, et al, just can’t compete.

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