No more Mischke

James Fallows reports that Tommy Mischke, who has hosted a radio show in the Twin Cities, is going off the air.

Why should you care? For no particular reason, except that Mischke has visited Ed Kemmick here in Billings a few times, which is how I got to know him slightly. They got to know each other during Kemmick’s own Twin City days.

Pretty interesting stuff in the links. I listened yesterday to every one of his extended phone calls from collection agencies. Wild stuff, and some of it is hilarious.

Lots of other links at Fallow’s place, too. Have fun.

One thought on “No more Mischke

  1. I just saw this today, having returned from a visit to the Twin Cities. The first thing my daughter told me when I arrived was that Tom had abruptly announced his departure from radio two nights before my arrival. If anyone is reading this — and if not, then David alone take note — if you can find one particular show in any of those archives, don’t miss the one where a caller, trying to find the radio station’s weatherman, accidentally called Tom. Tom, on the spur of the moment, pretended to be the weatherman and proceeded to talk to this very gullible, lovable old gent for nearly two hours about tornadoes. Of course, Tom was making everything up, and he just kept getting wilder with his statements. My favorite was his discussion of the legal conundrums associated with instances in which, during pre-Civil War days, slaves were picked up by tornadoes and deposited unharmed in free states. The same fellow even called back and engaged Tom in another extended conversation. It all added up to some of the best impromptu radio in the history of the medium.

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