Talk radio update

The Huckabee clone did a whole hour on Obamacare. If anybody had a nice thing to say about Obamacare, I missed it. It was the usual blah, blah, blah — hideously tiresome stuff. I really don’t get why conservatives refuse to have a real discussion about this issue; perhaps they fear they might learn something.

But there was one lie worth repeating. The Obama administration claims there is no credible evidence that Obamacare would lead to more employees being forced to work fewer than 30 hours a week so employers wouldn’t have to provide health insurance, the clone said.

This showed an administration in denial or flat-out lying, he said. Of course, he offered no evidence that the administration is wrong, just a few anecdotes and a report from NBC (evil parent of MSNBC!) that 20 businesses had or at least said they would cut back hours for workers. He didn’t make it clear whether the businesses were a randomly selected scientific sample or whether they were sought out precisely because they were cutting hours. If one were looking for, you know, actual evidence, that would be a relevant detail to include.

Actually, there is evidence that workers’ hours under Obamacare haven’t changed much. That doesn’t mean they won’t, but it makes claims that they already have rather dubious. And, as Kevin Drum notes, if this turns out to be a real problem, Congress could easily fix it. But Congress won’t because Republicans aren’t interested in fixing Obamacare. They are interested in destroying it.

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