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Every week I see commentary like this on how awful HBO’s “The Newsroom” is. Most of the commentary runs in the vein mined here: The show doesn’t get women, and it is unrealistic.

I never watched an HBO series until “Game of Thrones” came along (still have never seen an episode of “The Sopranos” and I gave up on “The Veep” and “Boardwalk Empire” after a couple of weeks each), but now I have watched two HBO series — “Game of Thrones” and “The Newsroom” — and enjoyed them both.

Since I’m not too sure how well I get women, I guess I am more or less agnostic on the first complaint about the show. And the second complaint is certainly accurate, which is exactly why I like the show. No way do I want to sit through a show about what it’s actually like in an actual newsroom. I get way more reality than I can stand in real life.

But I like the inflated sense of self-righteousness (although the scene where three reporters get kicked off the Romney bus was too much even for me), the telescoped chronology, the lurching from crisis to crisis, the fantasy about how the news of the last 10 years ought to have been covered.

Plus, all of that fast talking: It’s like “The Front Page” all over again.

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