Sorry to report that Joan Hurdle, a former legislator and longtime community activist in Billings, has died. She was 81 and suffering from abdominal cancer.

Her obituary contains this quotation from her: “The whole purpose of life is to learn how to make the world a better place, to have justice and democracy, to have everyone fed and housed, to have every child a wanted, educated and loved child, to have things, especially our planet, be truly beautiful.”

That says it better than I could. I hate losing her.

3 thoughts on “R.I.P.

  1. I recall seeing her at a lot of events I covered. Always feisty and passionate, but always well-respected whether people agreed with her or not.

  2. Joan entered the Legislature as I was leaving it. She and I had a few of the same goals, but never in my recollection were our solutions for achieving those goals even remotely similar. You name it, and we disagreed about it. Still, I was surprised that her passing hasn’t so far rated a news story in the Gazette (perhaps the Outpost will take up the slack), that she died a couple weeks before news of her passing became public, and that her obituary was placed in a non-prominent position on the page.

    Obits are sometimes interesting for what they leave out. I believe Joan taught in Colstrip for a number of years but there was no mention of it, and she must have been married since she leaves three sons with the same last name which isn’t Hurdle.

  3. I disagreed with Joan most of the time, but you do have to admire her consistency.

    When they were planning to close Garfield Elementary, which I still think was a mistake, Joan and I found ourselves on the same side of the issue, and I was glad to have her – not that it made any difference since they did it anyway.

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