Talk radio update

Sean Hannity had on Ann Coulter to help him blast Obama over Syria. I had a little trouble following this. I mean, Hannity finds fault in everything Obama does, except for his parenting skills, so some sort of an attack on Obama’s Syria policy was a given. But Hannity sounded like a peace-mongering pacifist. What’s up with that? There’s a man who has favored military action either in support of or opposition to just about every country on the planet, so long as he personally doesn’t have to fight. So how does he square this?

I dunno. I won’t even try.

But somehow I got a free subscription to the Economist, and I have been reading that. I’ve always heard it was a great publication, and I believed it, even without personal evidence. Now I do have evidence, and I still believe it.

There was, for example, the recent move in Congress to block the immigration bill unless we measured how many illegal immigrants were stopped from crossing the border. How could we measure such a thing? Only the Economist, in my reading, attempted an answer complete with all of the uncertainties in the estimate.

And what about Obamacare? Will it create or cost American jobs? Only in the Economist have I seen a serious attempt to consider all sides of the question (conclusion: It may well cost some jobs, but many of those will be jobs held by people who need them only for health insurance).

What a lousy comparison TV news makes. Last week on Candy Crowley’s show, the guest host had on Jim Demint and Howard Dean to argue about Obamacare. It was a perfect matchup — Dean is a former physician who initially opposed Obamacare and was a governor of a state that offers the most extensive healthcare insurance in the country; Demint is a former congressman and head of the Heritage Foundation, which has now rejected its own Obamacare-like healthcare plan.

So some fireworks, eh? Not really. The host asked a couple of routine questions, then tried to divert both into political sideshows: Demint about Republican efforts to defund Obamacare and Dean about Democratic presidential politics. Neither speaker wanted to go there. They really wanted to fight it out over actual substance.

But we can’t have that on American TV. Somebody might change the channel. Sadly, I did.

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