Happy Labor Day

Here’s a pretty astonishing contrast between what Republicans used to say about unions and what they say now. I keep getting more conservative in my old age, but, man, it’s hard to keep up.

So we’re off to the Labor Day picnic to celebrate unions (my wife, as a school teacher, is a union member) and eat fried chicken. The turnout of politicians should be light, in this off year, but it will be interesting to see if I can spot any Republicans. The last one I remember seeing there was Ken Miller when he was running for governor. Probably why he lost.

UPDATE: Only one confirmed Republican sighting: Former state legislator Bruce Simon, who, conservative as he is, always took pride in his labor endorsements. I may have missed some, of course.

UPDATE 2: Brad Molnar, former Republican Public Service commissioner, also was there. I didn’t see him, but he sent me photos to prove it.

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