Some get rained out

We were at the Billings Mustangs doubleheader when last night’s storm blew in. It wasn’t even raining when the managers pulled their teams off the field, the grounds crew started laying down the tarp, and the public address announcer advised the crowd to go find shelter. Apparently, cell phones in the crowd already had alerted many of the fans. They were leaving by the bucketful even before the announcement.

We were just a few yards from the car when the downpour hit. It was by far the hardest rain I have ever seen in Montana, and it would have held its own with some South Texas hurricanes I have lived through. We live only a few blocks from Dehler Park, but it sure seemed like a long drive home through rain, wind and hail.

So much rain fell that even today’s game was canceled. Since the second game of the doubleheader was tied when the rains came, the Mustangs ended an ignominious season in an even less satisfying fashion than usual. It was a grim year.

But that’s behind us now. The wife and I are off to Enzo’s tonight to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary, which doesn’t actually happen until tomorrow. But we’re willing to take a chance that the marriage will last at least one more day.

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