Talk radio update

I’ve been trying to squeeze out a column on this, but it doesn’t quite want to come together, so a couple of thoughts here:

Sean Hannity has been saying for five years that Barack Obama is a rigid, inflexible, left-wing ideologue unable or unwilling to adjust to political and practical realities. Now Hannity’s whole scheme for saving the country from Obamacare hinges on the president being the exact opposite of everything Hannity has said about him.

Hannity has been pushing relentlessly for Republicans to defund Obamacare and vigorously supported last week’s move in the House to fund everything except Obamacare. The theory is that when the government shuts down, Obama will get the blame and ultimately give in.

But what if the left-wing ideologue refuses to cave on his signature legislation? What if he just says, “The heck with it. I’m not giving in. The country can go to hell, and I will move back to Kenya.” What then?

Even Hannity probably doesn’t really want the country to fall apart. And he doesn’t want Republicans to cave. He’s just assuming that Obama is the sanest guy in the room and loves the country too much to let it collapse over a single issue.

But do Republicans?


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