Talk radio update

If you thought that talk radio hosts would be begging forgiveness on Thursday for having urged the country to the edge of a cliff on Wednesday, then you don’t know talk radio. The only way you could tell the news was bad for them was that they didn’t want to talk about it.

Mike Huckabee led with news of his new grandbaby. Rush Limbaugh led with a story about “paparazzi” taking his picture. Sean Hannity pointed out that the whole episode illustrated the bankruptcy of liberalism. Even he couldn’t figure out how to make that remark sound sensible, so he quickly switched to how brilliant Republican prospects are in the next election. In all of the years I have listened to Hannity, I have never once heard him admit he has been wrong about anything. Self-deception is his stock in trade.

It’s usually hard to tell exactly what Glenn Beck is talking about, but he spent quite a while talking about how terrible John McCain is. The ostensible reason was that McCain said he didn’t take offense when Louie Gohmert accused him of palling around with terrorists because Gohmert was too dumb to know better.

I thought McCain’s response was quite restrained. If Gohmert had delivered his insult in, say, around 1820, the result would have been shots fired at dawn from a brace of pistols. No more Gohmert.

Mark Levin, a newcomer to local talk radio, deserves some kind of special post for his all-around awfulness. His voice alone makes me long for nails scratched across a chalkboard. As I understood it, what he was saying is that running the government and paying its bills is just one more example of unconstitutional tyranny.

All in all, a dismal day. I even switched over the fundraising drive on public radio for a few minutes, just so I could listen to somebody trying to make a buck honestly.

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