Sadly, one Foote in the grave

I’m not sure what Rick Foote though of puns, but the Butte Weekly (no web site) gave him a nice front-page sendoff this week. His death was reported in the Oct. 10 Outpost, and he had been the only editor the Weekly ever had (it is a few months older than the Outpost).

I thought I should write something about Foote in the paper, but it occurred to me that I probably didn’t know him well enough to do him justice. He was an original Montana character, tough and confrontational, with plenty of rough edges, and a revered figure at Butte Press Club meetings.

Most of my conversations with him over the years have been over the phone, and they have usually gone like this:

Me: This is David.

Him: This is Foote. I’m stealing your column.

Me: OK.

There wasn’t much bullshit in the man.

2 thoughts on “Sadly, one Foote in the grave

  1. Foote argued with everybody about everything. I wouldn’t put it past him to be arguing with God right now, and to try to be the dominant figure among the Heavenly Host.

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