Tax nirvana

A letter in this week’s Outpost (not yet online) argues that the school bond issue should be defeated because taxes are too high. He says he paid $731.73 in taxes on his house in 1989 and $1,665.93 in 2013, including $98 for the garbage bill.

So his taxes have just about doubled in 24 years. How unreasonable is that? Well, I just looked at the Consumer Price Index and guess what? It’s just about doubled since 1989. Back then, a first-class stamp cost 25 cents (now 46 cents). A gallon of gas cost $1.12 (now $3.63). A dozen eggs cost 96 cents (now $1.60). A gallon of milk cost $2.34 (now $3.05).

And you know what? Taxes went up, too.

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