Top turkeys

If you hate Thanksgiving shopping as much as I do, you may want to see this list of national chain stores that won’t be open on Thanksgiving.

The only local one I see is Costco, which always seems to come out on top in lists of companies that treat employees well. We would shop there more often if serving sizes there were better suited to us aging empty nesters.

One thought on “Top turkeys

  1. Simon – you proved my point prtety well. Perhaps I should have qualified my little final paragraph with ‘it is my opinion that we…’However I’m not preaching that no-one should fly around in commercial aeroplanes. Very few people actually are. When you try and maintain that position as a logical extension of reducing wasteful energy use, you just end up looking a bit silly.As I pointed out, and then Craig, there are some sad hypocrites who want us to do one thing but practice something else. You might try and infer that the only ‘real’ greenie is the one that lives in a cave, eats only the fruit that has fallen off trees in a two-kilometre radius, and paddles a self-built raft when international travel is required. That’s not reality. To achieve the carbon reductions required we don’t need to make the ridiculous levels of change alleged by *cough* some folks. But (IN MY OPINION) we do need to think carefully about how we use energy.DenMT

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