Abandon hopefully, all ye who enter here

That title was a sign on a faculty door in the Texas A&M University English department when I worked there (was it yours, Anita?), and it said everything worth saying about the daily classroom wars over correct English. These days, I tell my students that I know the battle over the apostrophe will be lost, but I will fight it to the grave. Now the world as we knew it has ended.

2 thoughts on “Abandon hopefully, all ye who enter here

  1. No, David, the sign wasn’t on my door. I’m a forgiving grammarian when it comes to the adverbs “hopefully” and “literally” being used as adjectives in casual conversation and writing. However, I have little patience for incorrect apostrophe usage, and it always gives me a little pleasure to see someone use the possessive correctly with a gerund. And I don’t see why some grammarians–such as my otherwise wonderful history professor at Texas A&M–object to beginning a sentence occasionally with a conjunction.

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