Talk radio update

Fund-raising week at Yellowstone Public Radio, which makes for a grim Outpost delivery day. Interruptions on public radio are way more annoying than on commercial radio. I guess it is because they are so unpredictable. During the 5 p.m. newscast, I must have switched a dozen times to NPR and managed to hear only three stories. The other nine times I bumped smack into the fund drive. Still, as always, NPR news was the best radio I heard all day: a piece on Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary, a piece on ALEC, a highly interesting piece on whether dollar coins are better than dollar bills. Coins, as it turns out, are a better deal for the government because Americans hoard so many of them, which takes them out of the marketplace, but bills are better for us.

Aaron Flint was back on “Voices of Montana” and immediately got into a tangle with Ken of Great Falls. I had forgotten how little I missed the verbal combat of these two towering intellects. I’m not sure who got the better of the exchange, which was about the Keystone Pipeline. They¬†talked over each other a good chunk of the time, and I was delivering papers inside Perkins for another good chunk of the time, so it was hard to keep score. Ken had more numbers, I think. Flint’s crack research team will have to make some up to stay even.

Huckabee has been pushing his more conversation, less confrontation approach, which sort of works for him, but on Thursday even Hannity was trying to push it, too. For him, it’s a disaster. He walked all over one caller before making a minor concession, which the caller was wise enough to call a win and get off the phone. Hannity acted like he thought it was a real conversation, but only if you consider the sort of conversations I had with my drill sergeant in basic training to have been genuine conversations.

The second time, Hannity actually did engage in conversation with the caller and, boy, was it tedious. Hannity ended with a lecture about how kind he is to his employees — just the sort of hard-hitting analysis I want from my radio hosts on the vital issues of the day. Jeez, Hannity, just go back to yelling at people, OK?

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