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Professor discusses ‘Voices in Your Head’

By JANE WHITE - The Billings Outpost

About 35 people jammed themselves into the Billings Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for two hours last Wednesday evening to hear Adrian Robertson, a Montana State University Billings accounting professor who recently was named Outstanding Professor of the College of Business, present his human development model.

His model, “The Voices in Your Head: Who They Are, What They Want and How to Make Use of Them,” was replete with dramatic images of magicians, healers, coaches and warriors. The talk was part of the church’s Community Lecture Series, which sponsors weekly presentations from local residents.

One of the highlights of his talk was a panel discussion made up of members recruited that evening from the audience. Dr. Robertson persuaded six people to engage in a panel discussion that demonstrated the theories of human development explained during “Voices in Your Head.”

During that participative portion of the lecture, six audience members interacted with each other according to various archetypes described in the lecture.

A panel participant and volunteer chair of the BUUF Professional Leadership Committee, Lyda Adair, was on that panel. She said, “I was the coach. We tried to be that archetype; to give input from the coach archetype ... . We tried to pick archetypes [from the lecture] that resonated with our personalities ... .”

Robertson also described “recapitulation theory.” If humanity had to go through [certain] steps within the species, then each individual must go through those steps too,” said Dr. Robertson. About a dozen people crowded around him at the conclusion of the lecture, eager to ask questions.

Most of their questions focused on how they could apply the human development steps outlined in the lecture to their own personal challenges. Robertson carefully attributed each theory to a specific source so that members of the audience could look up information independently after the lecture.  

Some of the sources he drew upon included Nathaniel Brandon, a well-known psychologist.

Other seminal psychologists referred to in his presentation included Maslow, Moore and Gillette. Dr. Robertson said he anticipates completing a book possibly by the end of this year about the internal voices model.

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