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Rejected pipeline won’t be missed


Brad Molnar

For the last seven years the nation has watched a chugging battle by energy giant TransCanada of Calgary, Alberta, as it tried to get a pipeline approved to carry oil-laden tar sands from the permafrost of Alberta to the sunny Texas shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

The ensuing fight was never about the subject at hand but rather a straw man proxy between environmentalists and those they finance politically, and those supported financially by various industrial and oil interests. The eventual political standoffs all but divided by party lines. Apparently there was nothing else to argue about.

Regardless of political persuasion, truth was the first and constant victim.  No “fact,” regardless of how many times it was disproven, would not be repeated until it was true again, and the press never challenged any version in any of the many forums I watched.

With a few days to go until President Obama would give a predicted thumbs down based on a reversed recommendation of the U.S. State Department, TransCanada asked that the application be withdrawn. President Obama denied the request, then bludgeoned it like a baby seal on a shrinking ice flow.

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