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Unhappy with cable

I understand exactly what Robert McDermott is saying about Bresnan/Optimum in your Jan. 26 issue. I live in a low-income senior apartment complex. Many seniors spend their days immobile and isolated, with little access to the community. TV keeps them connected to the world and entertained.

However, many of us have had to cut way back and some are reduced to using “rabbit ears” for their TV entertainment. Personally, I have been with Bresnan and now Optimum for two years. In those two years, my bill has gone from $100 per month to a now high of $150 for phone, TV and internet. When we question customer service about rising prices, lost channels, scheduling, and short-term discounts, we get the run-around.

I realize seniors are not the only group affected. Hard economic times have hit us all. But if Bresnan continues its pricing and policies, they may not always have more business than they know what to do with.

Dianne Hanson



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