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No peace of mind

I am an ex-felon and have served three years for my crimes. Now I am getting my life together again; however, I am facing 110 years back in prison for a crime I didn’t commit under Montana’s Persistent Felony Offender statute, which is only ever used as a weapon to coerce suspects into confession, even ones who are innocent.

In addition, evidence has been planted against me. This may have been an accident, but nevertheless I now have to prove my innocence rather than trust in the “innocent until proven guilty” motto our criminal justice system was founded on. It’s a sad truth many people like myself who are familiar with the justice system have lost faith in it due to the harsh reality of how it’s really being operated. For us there is no peace of mind.

I am just one example of the lives of innocent youth being unjustly and without cause ruined by Montana’s criminal justice system. Doesn’t our state have better things to spend our money on?

Daniel Prather



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