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The war against guns

As usual there is much ado  about “gun control” in the news and in the political agenda. Let me assure you, that all of the freedoms of this country rest upon the foundation of the Second Amendment! That is exactly why it is under constant attack. The question is who is behind and who are the spokesmen for the elimination of personal arms possession and protection?

1. The Elitists. These are the folks who have the money and power and who believe that they are anointed to rule and decide what is best for us. Of course they cannot attend to their agenda if a bunch of freedom lovers are out there with the means of self protection and determination.

2. The Authoritarians. Here are those who believe in absolute submission to those in power(politicians) who know that an armed populace will not submit to their desires of absolute control of the population.

3. The Criminals. These guys know that if people can defend themselves their business will suffer. And there are multiple thousands of personal protection every year. These guys, of course, favor gun control so they have a free zone and open killing fields. The liberals think that gun control will limit the number of guns in the hands of criminals. Can anyone really be that naïve?  No they can’t, they have an agenda.

4. The Fearful. People who are afraid that their neighbor who has a gun might kill them. They consider those who protect themselves with relative force are barbaric and animals. Rather than getting after the perpetrators of crime, they demonize those who believe in their constitutional rights of self protection of themselves and their families and their property.

5. The Ideologues. These just go with the flow of whatever is popular at the time and they jump on the band wagon of restricting constitutional rights.  They could be labeled groupies.

6. The Security Folks. Having an armed populace is not positive for those in the security  business. If people are self sufficient in this area, they won’t need a professional gun to protect them. And no, the law enforcement cannot protect every citizen! Their involvement, for the most part, is after the fact. The Supreme Court of the United States has adjudicated this issue and ruled that the protection of the populace law is not the function of the police and that is why they are labeled law enforcement.

7. The Dysfunctionalists. Those existing in protective, safe environments just cannot understand why there is a need for self protection and property.  They have lots of it and they use their wealth and “norms” which is everyone except themselves. Hello, Hollywood and academia!

This is not to say that all in any one group fall into these categories. It is interesting to note that those who want to disarm us, the people, have no problem hiring armed body guards to protect them. If you are interested in the expanded version of this you can google Gus Coty Jr. or go to  Hurry though, as the First Amendment will be the second to go after the Second.

Happy  hunting!

Keith Babcock



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