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Sorting through the mess

Our Montana philosopher-politician has emerged from his Outpost with his headlight on and his poison pen ready to dispatch enlightenment. He promises to “shine the light of truth” on “unknown campaigners.” Brad Molnar sorts through the candidates for the Montana Supreme Court.

He appears to be separating vegetables from fruits, placing them in liberal and conservative bins in his May 31 political cornucopia. In Molnar’s mixed potpourri, the candidates are either spoiled by special interests or are bruised by their prior decisions and endorsements. He laments that judges are lawyers and notes they are using campaign signs, billboards and clever slogans.

According to Molnar, “shadowy but known” movers (lawyers) are funding these judicial races. He doesn’t mention the contributions of other groups – energy, real estate and public officials.  Maybe Molnar is arguing for a truly democratic idea: Take money out of elections.

Nonetheless, I must take strong exception with Mr. Molnar’s vitriolic comments regarding Montana Conservation Voters. He states MCV’s postcards explain, “Why the liberal is the anointed one and the conservative (or rank and file Republican) candidates were elected by morons, should be shunned by their mothers and should never receive another vote.”

This statement is patently false and reflects Molnar’s perverse view of MCV and Montana politics. Maybe Molnar can provide more information for his readers on anointment, morons and parenting. However, there is one piece of truth in Molnar’s diatribe: MCV is a bipartisan organization.

I am a board member of MCV. MCV strives to protect our environment. It encourages strong citizen participation, supports recreational access and energy conservation. Montanans – Republicans, Democrats, independents, conservatives, moderates and liberals – are for clean air and water. MCV is committed to keeping Montana “The Last Best Place” for future generations.

Mr. Molnar’s cauldron bubbles with seeds of discord, half truths, distortions, and conspiratorial theories. His gloomy rhetoric runs counter to the optimism of our great people. Don’t despair!

Rumor has it Mr. Molnar has picked a trifecta: He is no longer using the drive-through window at fast food restaurants. He is no longer teaching a course on consensus building and improving communication skills. He is not blaming fellow Montanans for being term limited.

Robert M. Pumphrey



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