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Racism shows

The racial slurs directed at the president and others as displayed on Dave Hurtt’s mobile outhouse around Missoula conjure up Republican Party history that many would rather forget. Labeled as Obama’s Presidential Library, this is typical of the low-life racist culture where I grew up in the deep South, and reminded me of Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy used to win the presidency in 1968.

Democrats, led by President Lyndon Johnson, out of a sense of justice, but with an eye to future black votes, had enacted the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act in 1964 and 1965. At that time, the majority of Southerners were Democrats, many racist to the bone. Republicans of the day, though few and far between, actually included a few liberals and moderates.

Passage of these two laws precipitated, over the next several years, a mass exodus of Southerners from the Democratic Party. All it took was a few choice code words from Tricky Dick about “states’ rights” and “federal takeover” while Republican operatives on the ground spread the word that Republicans, if elected, would “keep the N … s in their place.”

Literally millions flocked to the Republican Party – and not just in the South. While this happened over 40 years ago, it started the party’s slide to extreme conservatism. Many of these converted Republicans, and their descendants, are still around. Except now, they have rebranded themselves as social conservatives or as Tea Party activists. And they call themselves the party of Abraham Lincoln?

Auzie Blevins



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