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Sad bunch of choices

In Valerie Harms’ July 5 letter to the editor, “Women’s Rights Slipping,” she cited several examples of repulsive Republican idiocy, which shouldn’t be excoriated or minimized any more or less than repulsive Democratic idiocy. She is justifiably upset that rules protecting women are being ignored.

What she is ignoring, however, is the social rebellion of the 1960s, which created a philosophy of “I can do what I want, I can say what I want and my responsibility and respect toward others are minimal.”

But that philosophy doesn’t work if applied to all forms of freedom. If someone shoots their mouth off, with no regard for anyone else, people rush to defend the freedom of expression, which of course they wouldn’t do if someone shot their gun off with no regard for anyone else.

But the entertainment industry, run mainly by men, reinforces this “1960s Rebellion Theory” (which doesn’t work) through lyrics and movies.  Entertainers glorify profanity, vulgarity and verbal abuse. They portray women as sexual objects, still.

The men who believe this “1960s Rebellion” philosophy respond only to threats.

They don’t want to infuriate the Muslim extremists because they themselves would become a target. They don’t appeal to a “raging bigot crowd” because they believe there would be a unified minority response.

They do, however, infuriate Christians. And they do appeal to a “raging hormone crowd” because they believe women won’t respond in a unified manner. And the courts aren’t a threat — they’re too slow.

So, one solution option is a cultural consciousness raising that injects more individual responsibility and respect into their philosophy, which probably won’t happen.

Or, we can arm women, encourage militancy and make them a threat to these boneheads.

Or, we can wait till the end of the next “Ice Age” and hope that the people who believe in this philosophy grow brain cells. What a sad bunch of choices!

Jack Mackenzie



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