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Three years of waiting

In a letter published in the Missoulian back in May 2009, I wrote the following: It’s a crisis, people; act like it. Are we hypnotized, or are we robots, or maybe puppets? There is something wrong. How can we be so gullible, and so naive, as to let what is happening go on without the biggest and loudest outcry that this country has ever heard? What the hell is wrong with our thinking? With our knowledge of what is right?

Now, here we are three years later and in the same mess. Why? No, this isn’t an “I told you so letter.” My reason for writing letters, then and now, is simply my hope to inform. Most of us know that our government is in disastrous financial shape, which should be of great concern to all of us regarding our country’s future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

We have an economy with too little savings and production, and too much borrowing and consumption. We have vacant stores; banks not loaning enough to entrepreneurs to buy equipment; and we have too many tax-takers riding in the wagon, and not enough taxpayers pulling it. And yet we have Montana legislators today that say we must wait for the federal government to act before we can do anything. Yes, they say, “Wait for Washington to do something.”

I say, “BS”! We don’t need “do nothing” legislators. Montanans are eager to work. They would rather be “pulling” than “riding.” What we need is to elect legislators who will streamline the process so as to allow new businesses to begin and the existing ones to expand. Sure, we want regulations to protect the environment, but we don’t need power hungry bureaucrats that think they know more than the businessman. Vote for progress. Vote principle, not emotion.

Fred Carl



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