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Health care charade

Some months ago we were treated to an example of government imposition of its will on religious rights and American women’s health decisions. In January 2012 I also feel my civil/health rights were ignored.

I attended a presentation by my Montana-owned Advantage plan provider. The insurance company representative told me that visits to Billings Clinic physicians were covered. I am very uncomfortable with traditional doctors who treat symptoms and do not involve the patient in the healing process.

I asked specifically about a naturopath and he repeated “services ... were covered.” Following my visit to the naturopath, the insurance company refused to pay, stating that “Medicare does not fund naturopaths.” They said that Billings Clinic’s policy is that it “always” warns Medicare patients that naturopaths are not covered. They did not warn me.

Eight months later I have finally received word that my appeal in the matter has been denied.

The government and New Northwest Insurance are determining for me who is acceptable and who is not. Worse, New Northwest did not stand by the word of its employee, while the government determines what is and is not valid treatment. This is not health care; it is a charade.

Mana Lesman Seward


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